Top Ways To Use A Tablet Afloat

Up to the summary of Yachting Wold’s experts’ choices. Not all are apps; some are programs run on a computer or instruments that can be viewed on a tablet…

Here are some of them to use afloat


iNavx Versatile app for reading raster and vector charts. Can overlay GRIB files. £39.99

Navionics Market leader navigation app, easy to use routes and quick. From £15

Open CPN A full-featured chart plotter and navigator application. £7.74

Ovital Map Cross-platform map browser supporting offline views of Google Map, satellite map and terrain map. Free

Squid PC software to download and view GRIB files. Free

AdrenaFirst Cruising navigation software for PC. €465.85 (£338) ex VAT

MaxSea TimeZero Entry-level version of one of the best-established navigation software packages for PC. £397


PredictWind Combines sophisticated wind/weather prediction technology with local topography maps for hi-res forecast. £19/yr

WeatherTrack Weather app for iPad. $9.99

PocketGrib Weather data app including wind, precipitation, pressure, temperature, waves, etc, from GRIB files. £4.49

Google Earth Widely used by cruisers. Free

Meteo Consult Independent supplier of weather forecasts for Apple products. Free

Navtex Marine Weather Android app for weather info. Free

Navtex Pad As above for iPad. £2,29

Wind Guru Wind, wave and weather data. Free, but subscribe for better resolution

XC Weather Formerly an app, now a mobile service online Free


Marine Traffic & Vessel Finder AIS Live vessel-tracking service. Free

Drag Queen Simple anchor alarm provides distance and GPS accuracy. Free

Star Walk Stargazing app for mobile device including extensive info on stars. £2.29

Sky View Another sky gazing app for iPhone and iPad. Free

iTranslate Translation app for over 90 languages for iPhone and iPad. Free

North Sails Scan Assess the shape of your sails compared with optimal shape. Free

Secchi Disk Android mobile interface to global study of phytoplankton in ocean. Free

MerlinBird ID iPhone/iPad/Android app for bird identification. Free

See & ID Dolphins & Whales Identify and learn about dolphins, whales, seals and manatees. Free

Fish Planet Encyclopedia of 550 major species of fish. Android app. Free