Fully Wooden Boat by Famous Architect Frank Gehry

Frank Gehry recently teamed up with naval architect Germán Frers to design a luxurious wooden boat. Although Gehry is a world-renowned architect, he has also demonstrated a knack for boat design. His latest work demonstrates that his creations are suitable for land and the sea.

Gehry and Frers’ creation is a fully wooden boat named ‘Foggy.’ The luxurious yacht is a two-sail vessel that boasts Gehry’s signature wavy designs. The boat features a series of glass lattices that allow light to flood the living and sleeping quarters. On the deck, curved seats are integrated into the stern to provide a comfortable viewing area. The boat was made using a technique that involves sandwiching the wood around a high-tech core. This means that the wooden vessel is not only beautiful, but it is also more durable than traditional planking.

The wooden yacht demonstrates that Gehry’s talents are not limited to architectural design.

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