Experience, aesthetic, passion and commitment. Keywords to define our 30 years journey. Only willing, they will sail all around the world with joy and happiness.

Our company has been performing in the design, construction, refit-rebuilt, maintenance, engineering, management and consultancy of yachts since the time she was established in 1985.

As a breaking ground company in Bodrum, it has been a pride to see that our custom built yachts are cruising all over the world from Mexico to Maldives, east to west.
Currently, we continue building yachts in 3 different sheds (50m. x 20m.) for steel, wooden and composite.   We can build steel, aluminum, wooden, infusion and hand lay up composite all kinds of yachts as well as traditional Turkish Gulets.

Until now, we have exported many yachts to USA, Italy, Greece, England, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Malta, Cayman Islands, Netherlands, France, Germany, BVI, Austria, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Maldives.

With the new 3 Axis CNC, timber kiln and fine finish calibrating- sanding machine enhancement we made to our furniture/interior section, we have widen our scope and are ready to build high-end interiors for exclusive residences and mega yachts as well.